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Bureau International des Expositions Specialised Expo 2027 Bid Update

Headline > U.S. picks Bloomington for nation's 2027 World's Fair bid

Bloomington missed out on its chance to host a World's Fair several years ago, but it's getting another chance.

The Star Tribune reports that U.S. organizers have selected Bloomington as the host city for the country's bid for the 2027 Specialized World Expo. At stake: worldwide attention and potentially millions of visitors.

Mark Ritchie, President of Global Minnesota and Board Chair of the World’s Fair Bid Committee Educational Fund, said in a statement, “with this crucial support, we can move to the next step - securing global support for Minnesota’s bid."

Minnesota has been seeking to host a World Expo for years, and Bloomington — with plenty of available land, as well as the nearby Mall of America and Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport — has figured prominently in the plans. The region lost out for the 2023 Specialized Expo to Buenos Aires.

Regional planners tailored the area's pitch of a health- and wellness-focused event to highlight Minnesota's medical technology industry. That was the theme in the last effort, too, but organizers say the pandemic has put more worldwide attention on the issue.

Selections will take place next year.

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